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Our goal is to identify and treat resting areas of mature disease carrying mosquitoes. Such areas in your yard include trees, tall grasses, bushes, low-lying shrubs and the underside of leaves. Treatments are meant to greatly reduce mosquito activity and eliminate mosquitoes where they live and breed, while also being safe for the environment, your children and pets.

Don't let mosquitoes ruin your fun in the sun!


Ticks carry vector-borne diseases. They survive by feeding on the blood of small mice, birds and big mammals (including humans).

Ticks are found in shady, damp, brushy, wooded, or grassy areas, especially in tall grass. This also includes your own backyard.

Ticks feed by perching in low vegetation and waiting for a susceptible host on which they can attach themselves and feed.

Don't let these pests keep you from precious moments outdoors!